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i'm usually worried

occasionally nsfw and/or nsfl.
Jul 28 '14



I did mention that I’m a sucker for good splices right

x | x | x | x | x

That bayleef line is infinitely more interesting than the actual one.

you shut your mouth, son, the original evolution of chickorita was a work of goddamn art

Jul 28 '14

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my fellow Muslims :D


Time for all the food huehuehue c:

Jul 28 '14



*tumblr post expressing wish for more protagonists from X Underrepresented Group*

*small chain of smug reblogs with pictures of the few and usually flawed examples of such protagonists as if that solves the problem*

*picture of a character that isn’t even canonically in that underrepresented group*

Jul 28 '14


have u considered: lanky, tall, trans Spider-Girl, who doesn’t drag people to prison but uses her powers solely for fucking with evil NYPD cops and showing off to girls.

Jul 28 '14



Faceclaim Masterpost: Numair Salmalín nee Arram Draper

from the wiki

He is described as being six feet five inches tall, with a swarthy complexion, long, wavy raven black hair, brown eyes, a long nose and a powerful build.

  • Jeff Goldblum (Circa 1986 & the actual visual inspiration for Numair), Actor (American of Jewish descent)
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy, Actor (American of Indian heritage)
  • Mahesh Jadu, Actor (Australian of Indian heritage)

Wow, the last guy is exactly how I’d always pictured Numair…

Jul 28 '14



Quick poll: do you think Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship was queer-bating or real? I’m rewatching the show now and I kinda think there can be arguments for both? Discuss.

This is something I have been thinking about recently, but probably need to rewatch the series more to form a more accurate opinion. Based on how I depicted as a child though, I felt it was one of those relationships that was real. It could very well have been queer-bating, but it may be more of a case of the people creating the show being too afraid to make it an official thing because of potential backlash particularly when the show was released. Like if it was made more recently, there would be no question that they were in a relationship. At least, that is how I like to think it would be.

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Jul 28 '14


Magic Cat Street - Chiffon Gradient JSK reservations

The first batch will be shipped out around 25 July. After 25th July they are still taking orders, the second batch will be sent out around 10 August. Every pre-order participant will receive a complimentary pair of wristcuffs. The headdress cannot be purchased separately. The headdress is limited to 5 pieces for Forest of Jade; 10 pieces each for every other colour.

Materials: Chiffon 100-120 denier

Options: +头带 (JSK + headdress), 单jsk (JSK only)

Colours: 冰蓝之空 (Ice sky blue), 枯木之林 (Wilting Woods), 红酒之醇 (Fine Red Wine), 玫瑰之约 (Date with the Rose), 翡翠之森(Forest of Jade)

Jul 28 '14


This 17-year-old violinist and aspiring physician was accepted to all eight Ivy League universities. Meet Kwasi Enin. (Photo via William Floyd School District)




This 17-year-old violinist and aspiring physician was accepted to all eight Ivy League universities. Meet Kwasi Enin

(Photo via William Floyd School District)